Office Phone Booths & Meeting Pod

To improve efficiency and quality of life

Our soundproof office phone booths and meeting pod solve the noise and privacy problems of an open office. People enjoy using it for phone calls and meetings, and for quiet work. As a result, people become happier and more productive with less noise and distractions.

office soundproof booth

Pods are space efficient

meeting pods

Create a more efficient workspace

Here to help you find the perfect privacy solution, including interior soundproofing and acoustical features, built-in air circulation, lighting and electrical. With over 70% of employees bothered by noise and distractions in the workplace, providing a quiet and private work environment for everyone can allow you to focus on work, study or rest and relaxation.

Working in an open office?

The office soundproof booth is the best place to make video calls in the office, where you won’t be affected by outside noise or distractions. No need to worry about private conversations being overheard or disturbing your colleagues, Even though the acoustic pods are placed in the very center of the open space office.

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